Spectacular, bespoke Welsh atrium

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To create a two-storey atrium that is adaptable for modern living, yet breathtaking by design.


Apropos worked with the client on this project to create a spectacular, yet practical, two-storey atrium. The atrium splits the back of the property into two, running from the centre of the home and out beyond the rear building line. The result is a light and spacious living space which oozes style but is instilled with an enormous sense of wellbeing.

The atrium measures almost 12 metres in length and four metres wide. From the floor to the eaves, it measures just over five metres high, and seven metres from the floor to the roof ridge. The roof is pitched at a 40 degree angle.

The atrium is completed with a set of eight automatic vents, Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass in the roof, and an external, five-panel, bi-folding door system.


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