Bespoke glass extension for Lancashire farmhouse

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c.£60,000 (inc. VAT, delivery and installation)


To provide extra floor space, more light and a contemporary feel to a period property.


Apropos helped extend the floor space of a Lancashire farmhouse, by extending an existing bedroom over an unused balcony and creating a stylish glazed dining room on the ground floor.

The Apropos team worked to exacting standards, to ensure that the new glass and aluminium structure complemented the traditional features of the existing property, which was also benefitting from a similar extension of its kitchen-cum-dining area. The two extensions were combined to open up a full section of the house completely with a new glass and aluminium structure.

This was a particular exciting project for Apropos. Period properties always present a challenge for renovation projects; both in marrying up modern construction techniques with traditional methods, and ensuring that the modern structure work matches the original property. The opening up of a full section of the property would not ordinarily pass building regulations. However, in this instance, Apropos was able to prove that its rigorous standards and high-specification design were more than able to meet the regulations.


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