Case study – Winchester kitchen extension is enlightening

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CASE STUDY – Winchester kitchen extension is enlightening

The owners of this Winchester home felt it was time to ditch their traditional wooden kitchen, and replace it with an ultra-modern style kitchen extension. They wanted a bright, spacious living area that would act as a hub for family life and social entertaining.

This goal was ably assisted by a plot of L-shaped ‘dead’ space in the rear garden, on which a 30m² orangery was erected to accommodate an über modern, open-plan kitchen, dining and ‘snug’ area.

The owners were heavily influenced on a trip to Milan by contemporary, Italian kitchen design. As a result they wanted the kitchen to be a statement room that would not prove too intimidating for everyday family life. The addition of the snug area helped create the perfect contrast with the sleek designer contours of the kitchen.

Working closely with the property owners, Apropos designed an extension that would maximise light, whilst retaining a solid structural look. In order to meet these two requirements, Apropos installed three bespoke sets of folding sliding doors; a five-panel system to the front of the extension, a three-panel system to the side, and a two-panel system for the snug area. In the roof space, a large skylight complemented the folding sliding door systems.

The result is a living area of substantial light and warmth. In warm weather, the extension is part home, part garden, with all three door systems opened fully to allow a perfect transition between the indoors and outdoors. During colder weather the door systems and rooflight help retain warmth via their highly-rated energy efficient glazing, whilst also allowing natural light to be optimised.

The new extension acts a natural heart for the whole property, linking all aspects of family activity in one multi-functional room, and providing its owners with an extension to be proud of.

A similar project by Apropos would cost approximately £28,000 (including VAT).


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