Mini Hosts – The Big Reunion.

One of the problems many parents face in the long summer holiday is that their children are separated from their friends, particularly in rural locations. Being off school and away from lessons may be fun for a short while, but the sheen of appeal rapidly wears off without friends to play with. Now that the […]

Mini Adventures: How to get the kids out & about this summer (so you can relax in your Apropos!)

The summer holidays are, and rightly so, generally all about children. That niggling annoyance we know as ‘responsibility’, and the equally irksome ‘duty of care’ call us to arms, making sure that the kids are happy, healthy and fulfilled. Most of it comes naturally; we want our children to thrive and it gives us pleasure […]

Mini Breaks: How to use your garden room to help the kids holiday at home

The long summer school holidays can be trying for parents. It’s not that you don’t want to spend the time with your children, more that it’s not always possible. With work commitments, who can take a six week break in one go? Who has the funds to spend on daily outings and activities? Who has the time to abandon household chores? We all have to work and we all have to live, so how can you make it all add up?

Mini Designers: How to involve kids in a home decorating project.

Whether you’re working on an existing space or starting from scratch with a completely new [hopefully glazed] extension [from Apropos!], a summer design project can become a lot less stressful and a lot more fun when the whole family is involved.

Mini Bakes: How to Get the Kids into the Kitchen.

Licking the beaters, rolling pastry, cutting cookies and kneading dough, getting fingers sticky and flour everywhere; anyone who can remember cooking, and especially baking, with their parents when they were children, will know how special it can be and will want to remake those same memories with their own littlies.

In An English Country Garden. (Autumn)

Oh Autumn, what a season you are! Beautiful, blousy and sultry, with misty mornings and shorter nights quietly hinting that summer will soon be gone entirely. While the garden is still looking gorgeous the best is now behind for another year and the last allotment harvest is near at hand.

December Calls…

and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your bespoke Apropos structure in readiness for a Spring installation next year; which we all know is the perfect time to enjoy your Apropos addition.